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Headers are one of the most horsepower producing parts of your engine.  The design, diameter, and length, play a huge roll in the power band affect the header has on the engine.  With 25+ years of building, designing and fabricating headers from 3 cylinder engines to V12s, we can offer custom built headers to any vehicle, with any engine combo.

We build custom headers for anything!  Building a hotrod?  Swapping the engine?  Simply need more power?  We can build and design a header to suit your needs.

Our Services

  • High Performance Custom Work
  • Comprehensive Range of Extractors and Exhaust Systems
  • Cold Air Induction
  • Twin & Single Systems
  • Sport Systems
  • Stainless Steel
  • HPC Coatings
  • Standard Replacement for Cars, 4WD’s
  • European Cars
  • Mandrel Bends Systems
  • DYNO (Before & After Power Runs)
  • PCM Upgrades